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Every organisation faces challenges. Those organisations that survive and thrive are the ones that recognise when a challenge is becoming a crisis that is beyond their experience or capability. Whether it is a failing service or business, a good leader knows when they need to bring in expertise to weather the storm. A professional interim manager can tackle failing contracts, poor commercial relationships with suppliers, or a raft of employee relations difficulties that are damaging your employer brand. Whatever the crisis, our expert interim managers can help you navigate it.

Sudden unexpected demand, planning for change, hard-to-fill senior jobs, project implementation or managing a crisis – a good Interim Manager can resolve many business dilemmas. But it is not easy to find the right person to fill a short-term managerial gap. CG Interim Search provides the highest calibre interim experts to a wide range of businesses across the UK, Europe and internationally. Our Interim Managers make a valuable contribution from day one. They have the skills, experience and credibility to take charge of a function, division or operating unit and to improve its performance quickly. By nature, they are practical, results-oriented and used to meeting challenging deadlines.

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Permanent Recruitment

We are experts in finding top talent. Many of our clients that work with us to source expert Interim Managers also ask us to undertake executive search assignments as they know that we understand the wider impact of good and bad hires. Recognised for our powerful research capabilities, we provide our clients with highly qualified candidates who also match business culture, ethos and vision. We have been working with our clients to plan their people and talent agenda for more than forty years. We help them to recruit new talent, to engage and retain good people, to manage those people better, and plan for the future.

We have been working as experts in the field of Assessment and Selection for nearly 50 years. Our team of Occupational Psychologists carries out assessments that are instrumental at every stage in an employee's life cycle: selection, development, promotion and departure.

Psychological assessments use systematic and standardised procedures to measure differences in individual characteristics such as intelligence and personality. They provide a greater understanding of potential or current employees and help to predict - objectively and fairly - how successful an individual will be in a particular role. They are used in some form by 70% of employers. 


We offer group and individual assessments as part of the recruitment process, part of a management development programme, or to help clients measure the progress of their graduate trainees. 


If you need help now, come and try us. We can provide assessments remotely, on-line, or at our offices that have been adapted to protect candidates and our assessors from COVID-19. 


Can we help?

If you want to find out more about our services please contact us on +44 161 703 5600 and a member of our team will be happy to help. 

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